Code Acumen

a·cu·men (n)  superior insight; quickness and shrewdness of judgment, esp. in practical matters.

Bulletproof Bash Redux

On the 10-year anniversary, I revisit my bash talk at SELF 2023

Mock Talk and Regex Talk Videos

I recently finished editing the companion talk […] It begins with a brief story

Why Write Another MQTT Library?

Libraries capture a set of decisions about how the world should work. If you’re lucky

Unit Testing with the C Preprocessor

I want an approach to unit testing with a near-zero learning curve that works practically everywhere, with no exotic dependencies and no performance penalties.

Comprehensive C Archive Network

CCAN is a collection of open source C code libraries

Bulletproof Bash Scripting

Here’s a favorite talk I gave covering techniques for writing robust bash scripts.

Heroes, Heretics, and Visionaries

There are people who say to the masses, “You’re doing it wrong!”, and generously provide the right way to do it. Which word gets chosen to describe them ultimately boils down to how many people they convince to see the light.

A Better Varargs

I love those days when I come across a really good idea, something simple and helpful that I can use time and time again. Today, I read on stackoverflow a different approach to supplying a variable number of arguments to a function (a varargs function or variadic function) from Geo Carncross.